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BioSharing ID Standard Name Full Name Type Foundry Domain(s) Covered Organisation
bsg-000097 OMRSE Ontology of Medically Related Social Entities terminology artifact
OMRSE administrators
bsg-000059 NEMO Neural ElectroMagnetic Ontologies terminology artifact NEMO administrators
bsg-000060 ENVO Environment Ontology terminology artifact ENVO
bsg-000061 MIRO Mosquito Insecticide Resistance Ontology terminology artifact Anobase curators
bsg-000062 EO plant Environmental conditions Ontology terminology artifact EO administrators
bsg-000063 BTO BRENDA tissue / enzyme source terminology artifact BTO administrators
bsg-000067 MO MGED Ontology terminology artifact FGED society; MO working group
bsg-000068 MS Mass Spectrometry terminology artifact HUPO-PSI initiative; MS administrators
bsg-000069 NMR Nuclear Magnetic Resonance terminology artifact MSI initiative
bsg-000070 OBI Ontology for Biomedical Investigations terminology artifact OBI consortium
bsg-000071 OCRe Ontology of Clinical Research terminology artifact OCRe administrators
bsg-000072 FBbi Biological Imaging methods terminology artifact FBbi administrators
bsg-000073 SEP Sample processing and separation techniques terminology artifact HUPO-PSI initiative; separation working group
bsg-000074 FuGEFlow FuGEFlow exchange format FICCS members
bsg-000082 EFO Experimental Factor Ontology terminology artifact EFO administrators
bsg-000085 ECO Evidence codes terminology artifact
bsg-000086 MIfMRI Minimum Information about an fMRI Study reporting guideline fMRI methods working group
bsg-000087 GelML Gel electrophoresis Markup Language exchange format HUPO- PSI; Separation working group
bsg-000088 BOOTStrep Gene Regulation Ontology terminology artifact BOOTStrep administrators
bsg-000089 GO Gene Ontology terminology artifact GO administrators
bsg-000090 GRO Gene Regulation Ontology terminology artifact GRO administrators
bsg-000091 OGI Ontology for Genetic Interval terminology artifact
bsg-000092 SBGN Systems Biology Graphical Notation exchange format SBGN community
bsg-000093 DOID Human disease terminology artifact DOID administrators
bsg-000094 FLU Influenza Ontology terminology artifact FLU administrators
bsg-000095 IDO Infectious disease terminology artifact IDO administrators
bsg-000096 NCIt NCI thesaurus terminology artifact
NCICB curators
bsg-000098 SNOMEDCT Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine-Clinical Terms terminology artifact SNOMEDCT administrators
bsg-000099 SOPHARM Suggested Ontology for PHARMacogenomics terminology artifact SOPHARM administrators
bsg-000101 VO Vaccine Ontology terminology artifact VO administrators
bsg-000102 HOM HOMology terminology artifact
HOM administrators
bsg-000104 IDOMAL Infection Disease Ontology Malaria terminology artifact
IDOMAL administrators
bsg-000105 IAO Information Artifact Ontology terminology artifact IAO administrators
bsg-000106 LOINC Logical Observation Identifier Names and Codes terminology artifact LOINC administrators
bsg-000107 OME-XML Open Microscopy Environment eXtensible Markup Language exchange format Open Microscopy Environment Wellcome Trust
bsg-000108 LiPrO Lipid Ontology terminology artifact
bsg-000109 AMIS Article Minimum Information Standard reporting guideline ANISEED working group
bsg-000111 imzML imaging mz Markup Language exchange format imzML working group
bsg-000112 mzML mz Markup Language exchange format HUPO-PSI initiative; mass spectrometry working group
bsg-000114 DICOM Digital Imaging and COmmunications in Medicine exchange format NEMA
bsg-000115 OGMS Ontology for General Medical Science terminology artifact OGMS administrators
bsg-000116 Define.xml Define eXtensible Markup Language exchange format
CDISC members
bsg-000120 MITAB Molecular Interaction Tabular exchange format HUPO- PSI; molecular interactions working group
bsg-000122 RNAO RNA Ontology terminology artifact RNAO administrators
bsg-000124 NIF_Cell Neuroscience Information Framework Cell terminology artifact NIF curators
bsg-000078 ISA-Tab Investigation Study Assay Tabular exchange format ISA community BBSRC
bsg-000171 MISFISHIE Minimum Information Specification For In Situ Hybridization and Immunohistochemistry Experiments reporting guideline FGED society; MISFISHIE working group
bsg-000173 MIGen Minimum Information About a Genotyping Experiment reporting guideline MIGen working group
bsg-000174 MINSEQE Minimal Information about a high throuput SEQuencing Experiment reporting guideline FGED society; MINSEQE working group
bsg-000176 MINIMESS Minimal Metagenome Sequence Analysis Standard reporting guideline
bsg-000179 MIMIx Minimum Information about a Molecular Interaction Experiment reporting guideline HUPO- PSI; molecular interactions working group
bsg-000180 MIASPPE Minimum Information About Sample Preparation for a Phosphoproteomics Experiment reporting guideline CSIC/UAB Proteomics Laboratory
bsg-000181 MIAPA Minimal Information About a Phylogenetic Analylsis reporting guideline
bsg-000182 MIAME/Plant Minimum Information About a Microarray Experiment involving Plants reporting guideline FGED society; MIAME plant working group
bsg-000183 MIAPAR Minimum Information about a Protein Affinity Reagent reporting guideline HUPO- PSI; molecular interactions working group
bsg-000184 MIAPE Minimum Information About a Proteomics Experiment reporting guideline HUPO-PSI initiative
bsg-000249 net alignment annotation Format net alignment annotation Format exchange format ENCODE
bsg-000126 NIF_GrossAnatomy Neuroscience Information Framework Gross Anatomy terminology artifact NIF curators
bsg-000127 MPATH Mouse PATHology terminology artifact MPATH administrators
bsg-000128 APO Ascomycete Phenotype Ontology terminology artifact APO
bsg-000129 MP Mammalian Phenotype terminology artifact JAX curators
bsg-000130 WBPhenotype C. elegans phenotype terminology artifact WBPhenotype administrators
bsg-000131 HP Human Phenotype Ontology terminology artifact HP administrators
bsg-000132 eVOC Expressed Sequence Annotation for Humans terminology artifact eVOC administrators
bsg-000134 PATO Phenotypic QualiTy Ontology terminology artifact PATO administrators
bsg-000135 IMR INOH Molecule Role terminology artifact INOH curators
bsg-000136 MI Molecular Interaction terminology artifact HUPO-PSI initiative; MI administrators
bsg-000138 MOD Protein MODification terminology artifact HUPO-PSI initiative; MOD administrators
bsg-000139 PRO PRotein Ontology terminology artifact PRO administrators
bsg-000141 CONSORT CONSOlidated standards of Reporting Trials reporting guideline CONSORT group
bsg-000143 CONSORT - UE CONsolidated Standards of Reporting Trials - Unofficial Extensions reporting guideline CONSORT group
bsg-000144 OBO_REL OBO ReLationship terminology artifact
OBO_REL administrators
bsg-000146 SpML Separation Markup Language exchange format HUPO- PSI; Separation working group
bsg-000147 TEDDY TErminology for the Description of DYnamics terminology artifact TEDDY administrators
bsg-000148 SED-ML Simulation Experiment Description Markup Language exchange format SED-ML editors
bsg-000150 SWO SoftWare Ontology terminology artifact SWO administrators
bsg-000151 SYMP Symptom Ontology terminology artifact SYMP administrators
bsg-000152 FBsp Fly taxonomy terminology artifact FBsp administrators
bsg-000153 TTO Teleost Taxonomy Ontology terminology artifact TTO administrators
bsg-000154 NCBITaxon NCBI Taxonomy terminology artifact NCBI curators
bsg-000156 BFO Basic Formal Ontology terminology artifact
BFO administrators
bsg-000157 PAR Protein Affinity Reagent terminology artifact HUPO-PSI initiative; MI administrators
bsg-000158 MIQAS Minimal Information for QTLs and Association Studies reporting guideline MIQAS working group
bsg-000160 MIPFE Minimal Information for Protein Functional Evaluation reporting guideline MIPFE working group
bsg-000162 BioDBCore Core Attributes of Biological Databases reporting guideline International Society for Biocuration;and;BioSharing initiative
bsg-000165 LAB LABboratory reporting guideline CDISC members
bsg-000166 MINEMO Minimal Information for Neural ElectroMagnetic Ontologies reporting guideline NEMO consortium
bsg-000167 MINI Minimum Information about a Neuroscience Investigation reporting guideline CARMEN consortium
bsg-000168 MIAME/Env Minimum Information about an ENVironmental transcriptomic experiment reporting guideline EG working group;grown into the;ISA community
bsg-000172 MIxS - MIGS/MIMS Minimum Information about a (Meta)Genome Sequence reporting guideline GSC consortium; MIGS/MIMS working group
bsg-000185 MIQE Minimum Information for Publication of Quantitative Real-Time PCR Experiments reporting guideline RDML consortium; MIQE working group
bsg-000178 MIRIAM Minimal Information Required In the Annotation of Models reporting guideline COMBINE
bsg-000005 ATO Amphibian Taxonomy Ontology terminology artifact ATO
bsg-000006 BILA Bilateria anatomy terminology artifact BILA administrators
bsg-000007 BSPO SPatial Ontology terminology artifact CARO administrators
bsg-000010 FBbt Drosophila gross anatomy terminology artifact FBbt administrators
bsg-000012 MAT Minimal Anatomical Terminology terminology artifact EMAP administrators
bsg-000013 PD_ST Platynereis Developmental STage terminology artifact PD_ST administrators
bsg-000015 SPD SpiDer Ontology terminology artifact SPD administrators
bsg-000017 VAO Vertebrate Anatomy Ontology terminology artifact VAO; Wasila Dahdul
bsg-000019 AAO Amphibian gross Anatomy Ontology terminology artifact AAO administrators
bsg-000021 DC_CL Dendritic cell terminology artifact DC CL administrators
bsg-000022 MFO Medaka Fish Ontology terminology artifact
bsg-000023 HAO Hymenoptera Anatomy Ontology terminology artifact HAO administrators
bsg-000024 DDANAT Dictyostelium Discoideum ANATomy terminology artifact
bsg-000025 TADS Tick Anatomy terminology artifact TADS administrators
bsg-000026 TGMA Mosquito gross anatomy terminology artifact Anobase curators
bsg-000027 EMAP Edinburgh Mouse Atlas Project terminology artifact EMAP curators
bsg-000028 MA Mouse Anatomy terminology artifact MA administrators
bsg-000029 PO Plant structure terminology artifact PO administrators
bsg-000030 TAO Teleost Anatomy Ontology terminology artifact TAO administrators
bsg-000031 ZFA Zebrafish anatomy and development terminology artifact ZFA administrators
bsg-000032 EHDA Edinburgh Human Developmental Anatomy (timed version) terminology artifact EMAP curators
bsg-000033 EHDAA Edinburgh Human Developmental Anatomy Abstract terminology artifact EMAP curators
bsg-000034 XAO Xenopus Anatomy Ontology terminology artifact Xenbase administrators
bsg-000039 CHEBI Chemical Entities of Biological Interest terminology artifact CHEBI administrators
bsg-000040 CHEMINF CHEMical INFormation Ontology terminology artifact CHEMINF administrators
bsg-000041 FIX Physico-chemical methods and properties terminology artifact ChEBI administrators
bsg-000042 REX Physico-chemical process terminology artifact ChEBI administrators
bsg-000043 IEV INOH Event Ontology terminology artifact INOH curators
bsg-000044 OPB Ontology of Physics for Biology terminology artifact
OPB administrators
bsg-000045 PW PathWay terminology artifact PW administrators
bsg-000047 BRO Biomedical Resource Ontology terminology artifact
BRO administrators
bsg-000048 ECG ElectroCardioGraphy Ontology terminology artifact ECG administrators
bsg-000049 SDTM Study Data Tabulation Model reporting guideline CDISC members
bsg-000050 CellML CellML exchange format CellML community
bsg-000051 SBO Systems Biology terminology artifact SBO administrators
bsg-000055 FBdv Drosophila development terminology artifact FBdv administrators
bsg-000056 PLO Parasite Life cycle Ontology terminology artifact PLO administrators
bsg-000046 SO Sequence Ontology exchange format SO administrators NIH
bsg-000186 MIARE Minimum Information About a RNAi Experiment reporting guideline MIARE informatics working group
bsg-000188 MIARE-TAB Minimum Information About a RNAi Experiment Tabular exchange format MIARE informatics working group
bsg-000189 MIATA Minimal Information About T Cell Assays reporting guideline MIATA consortium
bsg-000190 MIAME/Nutr Minimum Information about a Nutrigenomics experiment reporting guideline RSBI working group; grown into the;ISA community
bsg-000191 MIAME/Tox Minimum Information about a array-based toxicogenomics experiment reporting guideline RSBI working group; grown into the; ISA community
bsg-000192 MIMPP Minimal Information for Mouse Phenotyping Procedures reporting guideline Mouse Phenotype Database Integration consortium
bsg-000193 TBC Tox Biology Checklist reporting guideline
bsg-000194 GUID and LSID Applicability Statements Globally Unique Identifier and Life Science Identifier Applicability Statement reporting guideline TDWG members
bsg-000195 DwC Darwin Core terminology artifact
TDWG; Darwin Core task group
bsg-000196 TAPIR TDWG Access Protocol for Information Retrieval exchange format TDWG; TAPIR task group
bsg-000198 SDD Structured Descriptive Data exchange format TDWG; BD interest group
bsg-000199 TCS Taxonomic Concept transfer Schema exchange format TDWG; TNC interest group
bsg-000200 DELTA DEscription Language for TAxonomy exchange format TDWG members
bsg-000201 TDWG SDS TDWG Standards Documentation Specification reporting guideline TDWG members
bsg-000202 NCD Natural Collections Descriptions exchange format
TDWG; NCD interest group
bsg-000203 MRTG Multimedia Resources metadata schema terminology artifact
TDWG members
bsg-000204 ABCDDNA Access to Biological Collection Data DNA extension exchange format TDWG; ABCD task group
bsg-000205 binary sequence information Format binary sequence information Format exchange format
bsg-000206 Portable Network Graphics Portable Network Graphics exchange format
bsg-000207 ARLEQUIN Project Format ARLEQUIN Project Format exchange format
bsg-000209 Axt Alignment Format Axt Alignment Format exchange format ENCODE
bsg-000211 Browser Extensible Data Format Browser Extensible Data Format exchange format
bsg-000212 Big Browser Extensible Data Format Big Browser Extensible Data Format exchange format
bsg-000213 big Wiggle Format big Wiggle Format exchange format
bsg-000214 BitMaP image Format BitMaP image Format exchange format
bsg-000215 Binary Probe Map Format Binary Probe Map Format exchange format
bsg-000216 BRIX generated O Format BRIX generated O Format exchange format
bsg-000217 CHARMM Card File Format CHARMM Card File Format exchange format
bsg-000218 ChemDraw Native File Format ChemDraw Native File Format exchange format
bsg-000219 Affymetrix Raw Intensity Format Affymetrix Raw Intensity Format exchange format
bsg-000221 Chain Format for pairwise alignment Chain Format for pairwise alignment exchange format
bsg-000223 CLUSTAL-W Alignment Format CLUSTAL-W Alignment Format exchange format
bsg-000224 chemistry mark-up language chemistry mark-up language exchange format
bsg-000225 CLUSTAL-W Dendrogram Guide File Format CLUSTAL-W Dendrogram Guide File Format exchange format
bsg-000226 EMBL sequence format EMBL sequence format exchange format
bsg-000227 ENCODE peak information Format ENCODE peak information Format exchange format ENCODE
bsg-000228 FASTA Sequence Format FASTA Sequence Format exchange format
bsg-000229 FASTQ Sequence and Sequence Quality Format FASTQ Sequence and Sequence Quality Format exchange format
bsg-000230 Genome Annotation File version 1 Genome Annotation File version 1 exchange format
bsg-000231 Genome Annotation File version 2 Genome Annotation File version 2 exchange format
bsg-000232 GenBank Sequence Format GenBank Sequence Format exchange format
bsg-000233 Gene Prediction File Format Gene Prediction File Format exchange format ENCODE
bsg-000234 Gene Feature File version 1 Gene Feature File version 1 exchange format
bsg-000235 Gene Feature File version 3 Gene Feature File version 3 exchange format
bsg-000236 Graphics Interchange Format Graphics Interchange Format exchange format
bsg-000237 GenePattern GeneSet Table Format GenePattern GeneSet Table Format exchange format
bsg-000238 Gene Transfer Format Gene Transfer Format exchange format
bsg-000239 HMMER Format HMMER Format exchange format
bsg-000240 ISND sequence record XML ISND sequence record XML exchange format
bsg-000241 Joint Photographic Experts Group Format Joint Photographic Experts Group Format exchange format
bsg-000242 Multiple Alignment Format Multiple Alignment Format exchange format ENCODE
bsg-000243 microarray track data Browser Extensible Data Format microarray track data Browser Extensible Data Format exchange format
bsg-000244 Clustered Data Table Format Clustered Data Table Format exchange format
bsg-000245 Pre-Clustering File Format Pre-Clustering File Format exchange format
bsg-000246 mini Protein Data Bank Format mini Protein Data Bank Format exchange format
bsg-000247 MDL molfile Format MDL molfile Format exchange format
bsg-000248 Nimblegen Design File Format Nimblegen Design File Format exchange format
bsg-000220 CHADO XML interchange Format CHADO XML interchange Format exchange format
bsg-000187 MIASE Minimum Information About a Simulation Experiment reporting guideline COMBINE
bsg-000250 Newick tree Format Newick tree Format exchange format
bsg-000251 Nimblegen Gene Data Format Nimblegen Gene Data Format exchange format
bsg-000252 New Hampshire eXtended Format New Hampshire eXtended Format exchange format
bsg-000253 nucleotide inFormation binary Format nucleotide inFormation binary Format exchange format ENCODE
bsg-000254 Open Biomedical Ontology Flat File Format Open Biomedical Ontology Flat File Format exchange format
bsg-000256 Personal Genome SNP Format Personal Genome SNP Format exchange format ENCODE
bsg-000257 Protein InFormation Resource Format Protein InFormation Resource Format exchange format
bsg-000258 Postscript Format Postscript Format exchange format
bsg-000259 BLAT alignment Format BLAT alignment Format exchange format
bsg-000260 MDL reaction Format MDL reaction Format exchange format
bsg-000262 Sample Tabular Format Sample Tabular Format exchange format
bsg-000263 Standard Flowgram Format Standard Flowgram Format exchange format
bsg-000265 Stockholm Multiple Alignment Format Stockholm Multiple Alignment Format exchange format
bsg-000266 Scalable Vector Graphics Scalable Vector Graphics exchange format
bsg-000267 TAIR annotation data Format TAIR annotation data Format exchange format
bsg-000268 Tagged Image File Format Tagged Image File Format exchange format
bsg-000269 UniProtKB XML Format UniProtKB XML Format exchange format
bsg-000271 Wiggle Format Wiggle Format exchange format ENCODE
bsg-000272 eXtensible Graph Markup and Modeling Language eXtensible Graph Markup and Modeling Language exchange format
bsg-000273 Structure Data Format Structure Data Format exchange format
bsg-000274 ICD10 International Classification of Diseases (ICD) version 10 terminology artifact World Health Organization
bsg-000275 EDAM EMBRACE Data and Methods Ontology terminology artifact
bsg-000276 EMO Enzyme Mechanism Ontology terminology artifact
bsg-000277 ICB ICM binary file Format exchange format
bsg-000278 MICEE Minimum Information about a Cardiac Electrophysiology Experiment reporting guideline
bsg-000281 MIDE Minimum Information required for a DMET Experiment reporting guideline Bioinformatics unit, CPGR (Centre for Proteomic and Genomic Research)
bsg-000282 KGML KEGG Mark-up Language exchange format Kanehisa Laboratories
bsg-000283 RDF schema Resource Description Framework schema exchange format
bsg-000284 CCPN data model Collaborative Computing Project for NMR exchange format CCPN
bsg-000285 NMR-STAR NMR Self-defining Text Archive and Retrieval format exchange format Biological Magnetic Resonance Data Bank
bsg-000286 graphML Graph Markup Language exchange format GraphML Project Group
bsg-000287 DAS Distributed Sequence Annotation System exchange format Cold Spring Harbour Laboratory
bsg-000288 BEDgraph BEDgraph exchange format CBSC UCSC
bsg-000289 phyloXML XML for evolutionary biology and comparative genomics. exchange format
bsg-000290 mmCIF macromolecular Crystallographic Information File exchange format PDB
bsg-000291 FYPO Fission Yeast Phenotype Ontology terminology artifact Pombase
bsg-000292 YPO Yeast Phenotypes terminology artifact Saccharomyces Genome Database
bsg-000293 Uniprot Tisslist Uniprot Tissues controlled vocabulary terminology artifact Uniprot
bsg-000294 MESH Medical Subject Headings terminology artifact
National Library of Medecine
bsg-000295 NEWT New Taxonomy database terminology artifact Uniprot
bsg-000296 DBN Dot Bracket Notation (DBN) - Vienna Format exchange format Institut fur Theoretische Chemie
bsg-000297 .ACE format .ACE format exchange format
bsg-002570 CBO Cell Behavior Ontology terminology artifact
bsg-002572 PR PRotein Ontology (PRO) terminology artifact PR Administrators
bsg-002573 SNPO SNP-Ontology terminology artifact SNPO Administrators
bsg-002574 ATMO African Traditional Medicine terminology artifact
bsg-002575 BT BioTop terminology artifact
BioTop Administrators
bsg-002576 GeoSpecies GeoSpecies Ontology terminology artifact
GeoSpecies Administrators
bsg-002577 LHN Loggerhead nesting terminology artifact LHN Administrators
bsg-002578 MeGO MeGO terminology artifact MeGO Administrators
bsg-002579 Pseudo Pseudogene terminology artifact
bsg-002580 FHHO Family Health History Ontology terminology artifact FHHO Administrators
bsg-002581 PO_PAE Plant Anatomy terminology artifact Plant Ontology Administrators
bsg-002582 Ontology of Physics for Biology terminology artifact
bsg-002583 MEDLINEPLUS MedlinePlus Health Topics terminology artifact
MedLinePlus Administrators
bsg-002584 BIRNLex BIRNLex terminology artifact BIRNLex Administrators
bsg-002585 BHO Bleeding History Phenotype terminology artifact BHO Administrators
bsg-002586 LNC Logical Observation Identifier Names and Codes terminology artifact LNC Administrators
bsg-002587 ZEA Maize gross anatomy terminology artifact ZEA Administrators
bsg-000264 SMILES Simplified Molecular Input Line Entry Specification Format exchange format
bsg-002588 GRO_CPD Cereal Plant Development terminology artifact Plant Ontology Administrators
bsg-002589 PDQ Physician Data Query terminology artifact
bsg-002590 OPL Ontology for Parasite LifeCycle terminology artifact OPL Administrators
bsg-002591 CPTAC Proteomics Pipeline Infrastructure for CPTAC terminology artifact
bsg-002592 NDFRT National Drug File terminology artifact NDFRT Administrators
bsg-002593 CPR Computer-based Patient Record Ontology terminology artifact CPR Administrators
bsg-002594 PRO Ont Protein Ontology terminology artifact PRO Administrators
bsg-002595 CST COSTART terminology artifact
CST Administrators
bsg-002596 BCGO Breast Cancer Grading Ontology terminology artifact
bsg-002597 ICPC International Classification of Primary Care terminology artifact
bsg-002598 EV eVOC (Expressed Sequence Annotation for Humans) terminology artifact Evoc Administrators
bsg-002599 DermLex DermLex: The Dermatology Lexicon terminology artifact DermLex Administrators
bsg-002600 PEO Parasite Experiment Ontology terminology artifact
PEO Administrators
bsg-002601 WHO WHO Adverse Reaction Terminology terminology artifact WHO
bsg-002602 HC Habronattus courtship terminology artifact
HC Administrators
bsg-002603 BPMetadata BioPortal Metadata terminology artifact
BP Administrators
bsg-002604 PO PSDS Plant Structure Development Stage terminology artifact PO Administrators
bsg-002605 FAO Fungal gross anatomy terminology artifact FAO Administrators
bsg-002606 ABA ABA Adult Mouse Brain terminology artifact ABA Administrators
bsg-002607 GALEN Galen terminology artifact
bsg-002608 MAO Multiple alignment terminology artifact
MAO Administrators
bsg-002609 ACGT Cancer Research and Management ACGT Master Ontology terminology artifact
ACGT Administrators
bsg-002610 ClinicalTrialOntology Epoch Clinical Trial Ontologies terminology artifact
bsg-002611 UO Units of measurement terminology artifact
UO Administrators
bsg-002612 Field PhysicalFields terminology artifact
Field Administrators
bsg-002613 ODGI Ontology for disease genetic investigation terminology artifact
bsg-002614 FBcv FlyBase Controlled Vocabulary terminology artifact FBcv Administrators
bsg-002615 OMIM Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man terminology artifact OMIM Administrators
bsg-002616 SPO Skin Physiology Ontology terminology artifact SPO Administrators
bsg-002617 EP Cardiac Electrophysiology Ontology terminology artifact
EP Administrator
bsg-002618 CDAO Comparative Data Analysis Ontology terminology artifact CDAO Administrators
bsg-002619 MHC MaHCO - An MHC Ontology terminology artifact
MHC Administrators
bsg-002620 MCCL Cell line ontology terminology artifact
MCCL Administrators
bsg-002621 SBRO Smoking Behavior Risk Ontology terminology artifact
bsg-002622 ProPreO Proteomics data and process provenance terminology artifact
ProPreO Administrators
bsg-002623 SitBAC Situation-Based Access Control terminology artifact
SitBAC Administrators
bsg-002624 OGR Ontology of Geographical Region terminology artifact
bsg-002625 RS Rat Strain Ontology terminology artifact
RS Administrators
bsg-002626 ICD9CM International Classification of Diseases terminology artifact
ICD9CM Administrators
bsg-002627 CLO Cell Line Ontology terminology artifact CLO Administrators
bsg-002628 NIF NIFSTD terminology artifact
NIF Administrators
bsg-002629 Amino Acid Amino Acid terminology artifact AA Administrators
bsg-002630 Basic Vertebrate Anatomy Basic Vertebrate Anatomy terminology artifact
bsg-002631 GRO CPGA Cereal plant gross anatomy terminology artifact GRO Administrators
bsg-002632 OGMD Ontology of Glucose Metabolism Disorder terminology artifact OGMD Administrator
bsg-002633 RID RadLex terminology artifact
RadLex Administrators
bsg-002634 NPO NanoParticle Ontology terminology artifact NPO Administrators
bsg-002635 SSO Syndromic Surveillance Ontology terminology artifact
bsg-002636 GAZ Gazetteer terminology artifact
bsg-002637 LDA Ontology of Language Disorder in Autism terminology artifact
bsg-002638 POL Pilot Ontology terminology artifact
bsg-002639 ICNP International Classification for Nursing Practice terminology artifact
bsg-002641 PKO PKO_Re terminology artifact
bsg-002642 KiSAO Kinetic Simulation Algorithm Ontology terminology artifact KiSAO Administrators
bsg-002643 ICF International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) terminology artifact
ICF Administrators
bsg-002644 CTCAE Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Events terminology artifact
CTCAE Administrators
bsg-002645 TOK TOK_Ontology terminology artifact
TOK Administrators
bsg-002646 TAXRANK Taxonomic rank vocabulary terminology artifact
TAXRANK Administrators
bsg-002647 MDR MedDRA terminology artifact
MedDRA Administrators
bsg-002648 RXNORM RxNORM terminology artifact
bsg-002649 NDDF National Drug Data File terminology artifact
bsg-002650 ICD10PCS ICD-10-PCS terminology artifact
ICD10PCS Administrators
bsg-002651 MDDB Master Drug Data Base terminology artifact MDDB Administrators
bsg-002652 RCD Read Codes, Clinical Terms Version 3 (CTV3) terminology artifact
bsg-002653 NIC Nursing Interventions Classification (NIC) terminology artifact
NIC Administrators
bsg-002654 ICPC2P ICPC-2 PLUS terminology artifact
ICPC2P Administrators
bsg-002655 AIR AI/RHEUM terminology artifact
bsg-002656 MCBCC Breast tissue cell lines terminology artifact MCBCC Administrators
bsg-002657 GFO General Formal Ontology terminology artifact
GFO Administrators
bsg-002658 GFO-Bio General Formal Ontology: Biology terminology artifact
GFO Bio Administrators
bsg-002659 HL7 Health Level Seven terminology artifact
HL7 Administrators
bsg-002660 TMO Translational Medicine Ontology terminology artifact
TMO Administrators
bsg-002661 ICECI International Classification of External Causes of Injuries terminology artifact
bsg-002662 Body System Body System terminology artifact
bsg-002663 JERM SysMO-JERM terminology artifact
JERM Administrators
bsg-002664 OAE Ontology of Adverse Events (OAE) terminology artifact
OAE Administrators
bsg-002665 IMGT IMGT-ONTOLOGY terminology artifact IMGT Administrators
bsg-002666 TMA Tissue Microarray Ontology terminology artifact
bsg-002667 PMA PMA 2010 terminology artifact
bsg-002668 NeoMarkOntology Neomark Oral Cancer-Centred Ontology terminology artifact
NeoMarkOntology Administrators
bsg-002669 CPT Current Procedural Terminology terminology artifact
CPT Administrators
bsg-002670 OMIT Ontology for MicroRNA Target Prediction terminology artifact OMIT Administrators
bsg-002671 CCO Cell Cycle Ontology terminology artifact CCO Administrators
bsg-002672 ICPS ICPS Network terminology artifact
ICPS Administrators
bsg-002673 MTHCH Metathesaurus CPT Hierarchical Terms terminology artifact
U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM)
bsg-002674 INO Interaction Network Ontology terminology artifact INO Administrators
bsg-002675 EHDAA2 Human developmental anatomy, abstract version, v2 terminology artifact EHDAA2 Administrators
bsg-002676 LSM Leukocyte Surface Markers terminology artifact
bsg-002677 NeuMORE Neural Motor Recovery Ontology terminology artifact
NeuMORE Administrators
bsg-002678 BP BioPAX terminology artifact BP Administrators
bsg-002679 OBOE SBC OBOE SBC terminology artifact
OBOE Administrators
bsg-002680 OBOE OBOE terminology artifact
OBOE Administrators
bsg-002681 CSP CRISP Thesaurus, 2006 terminology artifact
NIH Library of Medicine
bsg-002682 VANDF VANDF terminology artifact
VANDF Administrators
bsg-002683 HUGO HUGO terminology artifact
HUGO Administrators
bsg-002684 HCPCS HCPCS terminology artifact
HCPCS Administrators
bsg-002685 ADW Animal natural history and life history terminology artifact ADW Administrators
bsg-002687 BAO BioAssay Ontology terminology artifact BAO Administrators
bsg-002688 Apollo-SV Apollo-SV terminology artifact
Apollo Administrators
bsg-002689 TAHH Terminology of Anatomy of Human Histology terminology artifact
bsg-002690 TAHE Terminology of Anatomy of Human Embryology terminology artifact
bsg-002691 IDOBRU Brucellosis Ontology terminology artifact
IDOBRU Administrators
bsg-002692 RoleO Role Ontology terminology artifact
RoleO Administrators
bsg-002693 NIGO Neural-Immune Gene Ontology terminology artifact
bsg-002694 DDI Ontology for Drug Discovery Investigations terminology artifact
DDI Administrators
bsg-002695 CO Crop Ontology terminology artifact CO Administrators
bsg-002696 CO_Wheat Wheat trait terminology artifact CO Administrators
bsg-002697 PHARE PHARE terminology artifact
bsg-002698 REPO Reproductive trait and phenotype ontology terminology artifact
bsg-002699 ICD10CM ICD10CM terminology artifact
ICD10CM Administrators
bsg-002700 CogPO Cognitive Paradigm Ontology terminology artifact
bsg-002701 PVOnto Pharmacovigilance Ontology terminology artifact
PVOnto Administrators
bsg-002702 HPIO Host Pathogen Interactions Ontology terminology artifact
bsg-002703 TM-CONST Traditional Medicine Constitution Value Set terminology artifact
TM Administrators
bsg-002704 TM-OTHER-FACTORS Traditional Medicine Other Factors Value Set terminology artifact
TM Administrators
bsg-002705 TM-SIGNS-AND-SYMPTS Traditional Medicine Signs and Symptoms Value Set terminology artifact
TM Administrators
bsg-002706 TM-MER Traditional Medicine Meridian Value Sets terminology artifact
TM Administrators
bsg-002707 ExO Exposure Ontology terminology artifact
bsg-002708 FDA-MedDevice FDA Medical Devices (2010) terminology artifact
bsg-002710 AERO Adverse Event Reporting ontology terminology artifact
bsg-002711 HLTH_INDICS HEALTH_INDICATORS terminology artifact
AERO Administrators
bsg-002712 CAO CAO terminology artifact
bsg-002713 CMO Clinical Measurement Ontology terminology artifact
CAO Administrators
bsg-002714 MMO Measurement Method Ontology terminology artifact CMO Administrators
bsg-002715 XCO Experimental Conditions Ontology terminology artifact MMO Administrators
bsg-002716 OntoOrpha Orphanet Ontology of Rare Diseases terminology artifact XCO Administrators
bsg-002717 OntoDT Ontology of General Purpose Datatypes terminology artifact
bsg-002719 BDO Bone Dysplasia Ontology terminology artifact OntoDT Administrators
bsg-002720 IxnO IxnO terminology artifact
bsg-002721 Chem2Bio2OWL Systems Chemical Biology/Chemogenomics terminology artifact
bsg-002729 WSIO Web-Service Interaction Ontology terminology artifact
WISO Administrators
bsg-002730 CogAt Cognitive Atlas terminology artifact COGAT Administrators
bsg-002731 OntoDM Ontology of Data Mining terminology artifact
OntoDM Administrators
bsg-002732 EpilepOnto Epilepsy terminology artifact
EpilepOnto Administrators
bsg-002733 PedTerm Pediatric Terminology terminology artifact
bsg-002740 UnitsOntology Units Ontology terminology artifact UnitsOntology Administrators
bsg-002741 SDO Sleep Domain Ontology terminology artifact SDO Administrators
bsg-002745 PharmGKB-OWL PharmGKB-in-OWL terminology artifact
PharmGKB OWL Administrators
bsg-002746 phenomeblast-owl PhenomeBLAST ontology terminology artifact PhenomeBlast Administrators
bsg-002747 CAMRQ Quadrupedal Gait terminology artifact
bsg-002748 invertebrata Hewan Invertebrata terminology artifact Invertebrata Administrators
bsg-002749 VT Vertebrate Trait Ontology terminology artifact
bsg-002752 SHR Student Health Record terminology artifact
SHR Administrators
bsg-002753 MFOEM Emotion Ontology terminology artifact MFOEM Administrators
bsg-002756 ICDO3 ICD_Oncology-3 terminology artifact
bsg-002757 QIBO Quantitative Imaging Biomarker Ontology terminology artifact
bsg-002758 DIKB-Evidence DIKB-Evidence-Ontology terminology artifact
DIKB Administrators
bsg-002759 CEEROntology CEEROntology terminology artifact
bsg-002760 RCTOntology Randomized Controlled Trials (RCT) Ontology terminology artifact
bsg-002765 BIOA BioActivity Ontology terminology artifact
bsg-002766 NeoMark Neomark Oral Cancer Ontology terminology artifact NeoMark Administrators
bsg-002767 UCBH UniprotCoreBH terminology artifact
bsg-002773 DATASRC-ORTHO HOM-DATASRC-ORTHO terminology artifact
bsg-002774 VIVO VIVO terminology artifact
VIVO Administrators
bsg-002776 EUFUT Eurofut terminology artifact
bsg-002777 MCV MIxS Controlled Vocabularies terminology artifact
bsg-002779 MF Mental Functioning Ontology terminology artifact
MF Administrators
bsg-002780 CNO Computational Neuroscience Ontology terminology artifact
bsg-002781 NatPrO Natural Products Ontology terminology artifact
bsg-002782 OoEVV Ontology of Experimental Variables and Values terminology artifact OoEVV Administrators
bsg-002784 CareLex CareLex terminology artifact
CareLex Administrators
bsg-002785 MEO Metagenome/Microbes Environmental Ontology terminology artifact MEO Administrators
bsg-002786 NonRCTOntology Non Randomized Controlled Trials Ontology terminology artifact
bsg-002787 DiagnosticOnt Diagnostic Ontology terminology artifact
bsg-002788 PhyMeRe Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation terminology artifact
bsg-002789 PMR Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation terminology artifact
bsg-002790 ERO eagle-i research resource ontology terminology artifact
ERO Administrators
bsg-002791 GCC Gastroenterology Clinical Cases terminology artifact
bsg-002792 RH-MESH Robert Hoehndorf's Version of MeSH terminology artifact
RH-MESH Administrators
bsg-002793 CPO Cell Phenotype Ontology terminology artifact CPO Administrators
bsg-002794 ATC Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical (ATC) Classification (OWL version) terminology artifact
ATC Administrators
bsg-002795 BioModels BioModels Ontology terminology artifact BioModels Administrators
bsg-002796 PTSD PTSD terminology artifact
bsg-002797 CTX Cerebrotendinous xanthomatosis terminology artifact CTX Administrators
bsg-002798 SOY SoyOntology terminology artifact SOY Administrators
bsg-002799 SPTO Solanaceae Phenotype Ontology terminology artifact
SPTO Administrators
bsg-002800 CanCO Cancer Chemoprevention Ontology terminology artifact
bsg-002801 QUDT Quantities, Units, Dimensions and Types terminology artifact QUDT Administrators
bsg-002803 thesaurus thesaurus terminology artifact
bsg-002804 ontologia Ontologia proj alternativa terminology artifact
bsg-002805 thealternativa thesaurus alternativa terminology artifact
bsg-002811 uni-ece uni-ece terminology artifact
bsg-002812 PFO Phenotype Fragment Ontology terminology artifact
bsg-002813 PhenXTK PhenX Toolkit terminology artifact PhenXTK Administrators
bsg-002814 BO BOOK terminology artifact
bsg-002815 i2b2-patvisdims i2b2-patient_visit_dimensions terminology artifact
bsg-002817 OntoDM-KDD Ontology of Data Mining Investigations terminology artifact
bsg-002818 PhenX PhenX Terms terminology artifact
bsg-002821 DwC_translations Darwin Core translations terminology artifact
DWC Administrators
bsg-002822 OntoMA SANOU terminology artifact
OntoMA Administrators
bsg-002827 CCONT Cell Culture Ontology terminology artifact
bsg-002828 RPO RAPID Phenotype Ontology terminology artifact RPO Administrators
bsg-002829 OBIws Bioinformatics Web Service Ontology terminology artifact
OBIws Administrators
bsg-002830 PCO Population and Community Ontology terminology artifact PCO Administrators
bsg-002831 ReXO Regulation of Gene Expression Ontolology terminology artifact
bsg-002832 ReTO Regulation of Transcription Ontolology terminology artifact
bsg-002833 GeXO Gene Expression Ontology terminology artifact
bsg-002834 VSO Vital Sign Ontology terminology artifact
VSO Administrators
bsg-002835 NIF-Subcell NIF-Subcellular terminology artifact
bsg-002836 ImmDis Immune Disorder Ontology terminology artifact
bsg-002837 ConsentOntology InformedConsentPermissionOntology terminology artifact
bsg-000065 PRISMA Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic reviews and Meta-Analyses reporting guideline PRISMA members
bsg-000066 TREND Transparent Reporting of Evaluations with Non-randomized Designs reporting guideline TREND group
bsg-000002 mzIndentML mz peptide and protein Identification Markup Language exchange format HUPO-PSI initiative; proteomics informatics working group
bsg-000003 mzQuantML mz Quantitative Markup Language exchange format HUPO-PSI initiative; proteomics informatics working group
bsg-000004 AEO Anatomical Entity Ontology terminology artifact
bsg-000008 CARO Common Anatomy Reference Ontology terminology artifact CARO administrators
bsg-000009 CL Cell type terminology artifact CL
bsg-000011 FMA Foundational Model of Anatomy terminology artifact FMA administrators
bsg-000014 SAO Subcellular Anatomy Ontology terminology artifact SAO administrators
bsg-000016 UBERON UBER anatomy ONtology terminology artifact UBERON administrators
bsg-000018 vHOG verteberate Homologous Organ Groups terminology artifact Bgee team
bsg-000020 WBbt C. elegans gross anatomy terminology artifact WBbt administrators
bsg-000035 ARRIVE Animals in Research: Reporting In Vivo Experiments reporting guideline NC3Rs members
bsg-000036 SEND Standard for Exchange of Nonclinical Data reporting guideline CDISC members
bsg-000037 STREGA STrengthening the REporting of Genetic Association Studies reporting guideline STREGA group
bsg-000038 BioPAX Biological Pathway eXchange exchange format BioPAX community
bsg-000052 SBML System Biology Markup Language exchange format SMBL community
bsg-000053 CDASH Clinical Data Acquisition Standards Harmonization reporting guideline CDISC members
bsg-000054 Gating-ML Gating-ML exchange format FICCS members
bsg-000057 WBls C. elegans development terminology artifact WBls administrators
bsg-000058 STARD STAndards for the Reporting of Diagnostic accuracy reporting guideline STARD initiative
bsg-000064 STROBE STrengthening the Reporting of OBservational studies in Epidemiology reporting guideline STROBE group
bsg-000075 FuGE-ML Functional Genomics Experiment Markup Language exchange format FuGE working group
bsg-000076 MINiML MIAME Notation in Markup Language exchange format GEO repository
bsg-000077 SOFT Simple Omnibus Format in Text exchange format GEO repository
bsg-000079 GCDML Genomic Contextual Data Markup Language exchange format GSC consortium; GCDML working group
bsg-000080 MAGE-Tab MicroArray Gene Expression Tabular exchange format FGED society; MAGE working group
bsg-000081 NDTF Neurophysiology Data Translation Format exchange format CARMEN consortium
bsg-000083 MIQAS-TAB Minimal Information for QTLs and Association Studies Tabular exchange format MIQAS working group
bsg-000084 SRA-XML Short Read Archive eXtensible Markup Language exchange format
bsg-000159 MIABE Minimum Information About a Bioactive Entity reporting guideline HUPO- PSI; MIABE working group
bsg-000103 ORION Outbreak Reports and Intervention studies Of Nosocomial infection reporting guideline ORION group
bsg-000110 REFLECT Reporting guidElines For randomized controLled trials for livEstoCk and food safeTy reporting guideline REFLECT members
bsg-000113 TraML Transition Markup Language exchange format HUPO-PSI initiative; mass spectrometry working group
bsg-000117 ODM Operational Data Model exchange format CDISC members
bsg-000118 MCL Microbiological Common Language exchange format developers
bsg-000119 CML Chemical Markup Language exchange format CML authors Peter Murray-Rust and Henry Rzepa
bsg-000121 PSI-MI XML Molecular Interaction eXtensible Markup Language exchange format HUPO- PSI; molecular interactions working group
bsg-000123 NeuroML Neuroscience eXtensible Markup Language exchange format NeuroML community
bsg-000125 NIF_Dysfunction Neuroscience Information Framework Dysfunction terminology artifact NIF curators
bsg-000137 PSI-PAR XML Protein Affinity Reagent eXtensible Markup Language exchange format HUPO- PSI; molecular interactions working group
bsg-000140 RDML Real-time PCR Data Markup Language exchange format RDML consortium
bsg-000142 CONSORT - OE CONSOlidated Standards of Reporting Trials - Official Extensions reporting guideline CONSORT group
bsg-000145 PRM Protocol Representation Model exchange format CDISC members
bsg-000149 SBRML Systems Biology Results Markup Language exchange format SED-ML collaborators
bsg-000155 REMARK REporting recommendations for tumour MARKer prognostic studies reporting guideline REMARK group
bsg-000164 MIACA Minimal Information About a Cellular Assay reporting guideline The Cell Based Assay Standards Consortium
bsg-000169 STRENDA Standards for Reporting Enzymology Data reporting guideline STRENDA commission
bsg-000001 ADaM Analysis Data Model reporting guideline CDISC members
bsg-000516 MIAPE-Quant MIAPE Mass Spectrometry Quantification reporting guideline HUPO-PSI
bsg-000519 GPAD 1.1 Gene Product Annotation Data exchange format Gene Ontology Consortium
bsg-000522 AGP format A Gold Path format exchange format National Center for Biotechnology Information , US National Library of Medicine 8600 Rockville Pike , Rockville, MD USA 20894
bsg-000255 PDB Protein Data Bank Format exchange format
bsg-000523 MIRAGE MS Guidelines Minimum Information Required for A Glycomics Experiment - MS Guidelines reporting guideline Beilstein-Institut CCRC, University of Athens, GA, USA
bsg-000524 MLHIM Multilevel Healthcare Information Modeling exchange format National Institute of Science and Technology - Medicine Assisted by Scientific Computing Rio de Janeiro State University Fluminense Federal University CNPq Faperj
bsg-000525 openEHR openEHR Health Record Specification terminology artifact openEHR Foundation
bsg-000526 NI-DM Neuroimaging Data Model exchange format INCF BIRN
bsg-000161 MIxS - MIMARKS Minimum Information about a MARKer gene Sequence reporting guideline GSC consortium; MIMARKS working group
bsg-000208 ASN.1 Abstract Syntax Notation One exchange format
bsg-000518 MIxS Minimum Information about any (X) Sequence reporting guideline GSC consortium; MIxS working group
bsg-000520 GPI Gene Product Information Format exchange format Gene Ontology Consortium
bsg-000521 MIFlowCyt Minimum Information about Flow Cytometry reporting guideline
bsg-000517 ISA-TAB-Nano ISA-TAB-Nano exchange format
bsg-000528 EDF European Data Format exchange format
bsg-000529 NEXML Nexus XML exchange format University of North Carolina
bsg-000530 GlycoCT XML GlycoCT sequence format for carbohydrates. exchange format German Cancer Research Center
bsg-000531 VEP Variant Effect Predictor data format exchange format
bsg-000527 NIFTI NIfTI-1 Data Format exchange format National Institutes of Health
bsg-000533 Multi-Omics Metadata Checklist Multi-Omics Metadata Checklist reporting guideline
Seattle Children's Research Institute
bsg-000175 CIMR Core Information for Metabolomics Reporting reporting guideline