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The MIBBI project promotes extant efforts developing minimum information guidelines for the reporting of biological and biomedical science to the wider community. Background and history of the MIBBI project can be found here. We work to progressively move the information to this new site that is also set to provide additional search and link functionality to connect guidelines with terminologies and exchange format, as used by the community.

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BioSharing ID Standard Name Full Name Type Foundry Domain(s) Covered Organisation
bsg-000086 MIfMRI Minimum Information about an fMRI Study reporting guideline fMRI methods working group
bsg-000171 MISFISHIE Minimum Information Specification For In Situ Hybridization and Immunohistochemistry Experiments reporting guideline FGED society; MISFISHIE working group
bsg-000173 MIGen Minimum Information About a Genotyping Experiment reporting guideline MIGen working group
bsg-000174 MINSEQE Minimal Information about a high throuput SEQuencing Experiment reporting guideline FGED society; MINSEQE working group
bsg-000176 MINIMESS Minimal Metagenome Sequence Analysis Standard reporting guideline
bsg-000179 MIMIx Minimum Information about a Molecular Interaction Experiment reporting guideline HUPO- PSI; molecular interactions working group
bsg-000180 MIASPPE Minimum Information About Sample Preparation for a Phosphoproteomics Experiment reporting guideline CSIC/UAB Proteomics Laboratory
bsg-000181 MIAPA Minimal Information About a Phylogenetic Analylsis reporting guideline
bsg-000182 MIAME/Plant Minimum Information About a Microarray Experiment involving Plants reporting guideline FGED society; MIAME plant working group
bsg-000183 MIAPAR Minimum Information about a Protein Affinity Reagent reporting guideline HUPO- PSI; molecular interactions working group
bsg-000184 MIAPE Minimum Information About a Proteomics Experiment reporting guideline HUPO-PSI initiative
bsg-000158 MIQAS Minimal Information for QTLs and Association Studies reporting guideline MIQAS working group
bsg-000160 MIPFE Minimal Information for Protein Functional Evaluation reporting guideline MIPFE working group
bsg-000162 BioDBCore Core Attributes of Biological Databases reporting guideline International Society for Biocuration;and;BioSharing initiative
bsg-000166 MINEMO Minimal Information for Neural ElectroMagnetic Ontologies reporting guideline NEMO consortium
bsg-000167 MINI Minimum Information about a Neuroscience Investigation reporting guideline CARMEN consortium
bsg-000168 MIAME/Env Minimum Information about an ENVironmental transcriptomic experiment reporting guideline EG working group;grown into the;ISA community
bsg-000172 MIxS - MIGS/MIMS Minimum Information about a (Meta)Genome Sequence reporting guideline GSC consortium; MIGS/MIMS working group
bsg-000185 MIQE Minimum Information for Publication of Quantitative Real-Time PCR Experiments reporting guideline RDML consortium; MIQE working group
bsg-000178 MIRIAM Minimal Information Required In the Annotation of Models reporting guideline COMBINE
bsg-000186 MIARE Minimum Information About a RNAi Experiment reporting guideline MIARE informatics working group
bsg-000189 MIATA Minimal Information About T Cell Assays reporting guideline MIATA consortium
bsg-000190 MIAME/Nutr Minimum Information about a Nutrigenomics experiment reporting guideline RSBI working group; grown into the;ISA community
bsg-000191 MIAME/Tox Minimum Information about a array-based toxicogenomics experiment reporting guideline RSBI working group; grown into the; ISA community
bsg-000192 MIMPP Minimal Information for Mouse Phenotyping Procedures reporting guideline Mouse Phenotype Database Integration consortium
bsg-000193 TBC Tox Biology Checklist reporting guideline
bsg-000187 MIASE Minimum Information About a Simulation Experiment reporting guideline COMBINE
bsg-000278 MICEE Minimum Information about a Cardiac Electrophysiology Experiment reporting guideline
bsg-000281 MIDE Minimum Information required for a DMET Experiment reporting guideline Bioinformatics unit, CPGR (Centre for Proteomic and Genomic Research)
bsg-000159 MIABE Minimum Information About a Bioactive Entity reporting guideline HUPO- PSI; MIABE working group
bsg-000164 MIACA Minimal Information About a Cellular Assay reporting guideline The Cell Based Assay Standards Consortium
bsg-000169 STRENDA Standards for Reporting Enzymology Data reporting guideline STRENDA commission
bsg-000523 MIRAGE MS Guidelines Minimum Information Required for A Glycomics Experiment - MS Guidelines reporting guideline Beilstein-Institut CCRC, University of Athens, GA, USA
bsg-000161 MIxS - MIMARKS Minimum Information about a MARKer gene Sequence reporting guideline GSC consortium; MIMARKS working group
bsg-000175 CIMR Core Information for Metabolomics Reporting reporting guideline MSI initiative; biological sample context working group COSMOS initiative
bsg-000279 MIABiE Minimum Information About a Biofilm Experiment reporting guideline MIABiE consortium
bsg-000541 MIASCI Minimum Information About a Spinal Cord Injury experiment reporting guideline NIH Miami Project to Cure Paralysis. Univ. of Miami Miami Project to Cure Paralysis, Univ. of Miami Center for Computational Science, Univ. of Miami
bsg-000163 GIATE Guidelines for Information About Therapy Experiments reporting guideline Antibody Society; GIATE working group
bsg-000177 MIAME Minimum Information About a Microarray Experiment reporting guideline FGED society; MIAME working group