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ready Zebrafish anatomy and development


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A structured controlled vocabulary of the anatomy and development of the Zebrafish. If you work on the project responsible for "Zebrafish anatomy and development" then please consider helping us by claiming this record and updating it appropriately.

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Implementing Databases (3)
Zfishbook is a real-time database of transposon-labeled mutants in zebrafish. This resource provides services for any size of GBT mutagenesis projects on zebrafish to encourage collaboration in the research community.

Bgee DataBase for Gene Expression Evolution
Bgee is a database to retrieve and compare gene expression patterns in multiple animal species, produced from multiple data types (RNA-Seq, Affymetrix, in situ hybridization, and EST data). Bgee is based exclusively on curated "normal", healthy, expression data (e.g., no gene knock-out, no treatment, no disease), to provide a comparable reference of normal gene expression. Bgee produces calls of presence/absence of expression, and of differential over-/under-expression, integrated along with information of gene orthology, and of homology between organs. This allows comparisons of expression patterns between species.

The Zebrafish Model Organism Database
The Zebrafish Model Organism Database, ZFIN, serves as the primary community database resource for the laboratory use of zebrafish. We develop and support integrated zebrafish genetic, genomic, developmental and physiological information and link this information extensively to corresponding data in other model organism and human databases.

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  • BDI-0641025 (US National Science Foundation (NSF))

  • HG002659 (National Institute of Health (NIH), USA)

  • HG004838 (National Institute of Health (NIH), USA)


The zebrafish anatomy and stage ontologies: representing the anatomy and development of Danio rerio.

Van Slyke CE,Bradford YM,Westerfield M,Haendel MA
J Biomed Semantics 2014

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