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Advisory Board and RDA/Force11 Working Group Members

Here are links to the BioSharing RDA and Force11 WG webpages.

  • Susanna-Assunta Sansone (University of Oxford, NPG Scientific Data), Operational Team Lead and Co-Chair of the RDA/Force11 WG
  • Emma Ganley (PLOS) Co-chair
  • Varsha Khodiyar (NPG) Co-chair
  • Michael Ball (BBSRC)
  • Theo Bloom (BMJ)
  • Jennifer Boyd (OUP)
  • Scott Edmunds (GigaScience, BGI)
  • Jeff Grethe (USCD; NIF, NIDDK Information Network and NIH BD2K bioCADDIE )
  • Melissa Haendel (OHSU, USA; Force11; Monarch Initiative)
  • Simon Hodson (CODATA), Co-Chair of the RDA/Force11 WG
  • Rafael Jimenez (ELIXIR)
  • Amye Kenall (BMC)
  • Rebecca Lawrence (F1000), Co-Chair of the RDA/Force11 WG
  • Thomas Lemberger (EMBO Press)
  • Jennifer Lin (CrossRef)
  • David Kernohan (JISC)
  • Gabriella Rustici (ELIXIR UK Node Industry Training Sector Lead, University of Cambridge, UK)
  • Helena Cousijn (Elsevier)
  • Jonathan Tedds (Ubiquity Press Open Health Data journal; University of Leicester, UK)
  • Jessica Tenenbaum (Duke University, USA; Chair Elect for the American Medical Informatics Association’s Genomics WG)
  • Todd Vision (UNC Chapel Hill & NESCent, USA; Dryad)
  • Michael Witt (re3data; Purdue University Libraries)

BioSharing is an interoperability component from the ELIXIR UK Node, contributing to the ELIXIR EXCELERATE platform for integration of data and services.

Operational Team

BioSharing was created and is maintained by the team who brought you the ISA framework, ISA Commons and the MIBBI portal, which it replaces. Based at the University of Oxford e-Research Centre, we are passionate about developing and applying methods and software to improve data curation, management, visualization and publication to enable reproducible research, driving science and discoveries.

We are indebted to contributions from our collaborators.

Principal Investigator and Associate Director
Senior Research Lecturer
Research Software Engineer
Knowledge Engineer
Knowledge Engineer
Research Software Engineer
Research Software Engineer
Contract Biocurator
Contract Biocurator

You can browse BioSharing past history and key milestones here.